EMail File Explorer

EMail File Explorer

EMail File Explorer is the amazing utility that let you send,...

EMail File Explorer is the amazing utility that let you send, upload, download, backup, synchronize and share files and folders with any non web email account.

It uses standard POP3, IMAP and SMTP access to manage your files by email. EMail File Explorer splits the file you want to share/upload/send and sends the file segments one by one to your account or to remote accounts of your friends.

Once EMail File Explorer uploaded all file segments, you can download them. The combine operation of the segments back to the original file works in background, so you are working with your file only (no parts to collect, to store, to merge by you).

It is as easy as sending an email or even easier. EMail File Explorer gives you the ability to upload files on any non web mail account. You can access and download those files from any computer.

You can share files with your friends and family. Just create an email account, upload files to it, and give access to your family and friends or just send files from EMail File Explorer to external email account of your friend.

Auto download files makes your email account act like a regular FTP server. Now you do not need to leave your home computer available, if you need to download your home files from office.

Just upload files to our email and download them from office within a moment. EMail File Explorer automatically compresses and uploads the Virtual File System of your remote files and folders.

Using internal account wizard you can create and configure your existing email account less than in a minute, just specify your account login and password.

Account settings are saved safely and securely. Built on. NET technology EMail File Explorer uses fast approach in uploading and downloading files.

With EMail File Explorer you can: * Keep your file copies/backup on email server * Backup your files * Upload files with any size * Download files from email server * Details on homepage.

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EMail File Explorer


EMail File Explorer

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